About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Guided by ancient wisdom in Hindu and global philosophies and under the aegis of Poojya Sukhbodhananda, the mission of the Prasanna Trust is to work towards the betterment of the poor and marginalized sections of our society.

The Prasanna Trust is a registered public charitable trust founded by Poojya Sukhabodhananda in 1982. The Prasanna Trust works to bridge the gap between the privileged and the poor and encourages passionate people to help those who are suffering and needy. We connect people of all ages and backgrounds to bridge the gaps in community needs. The honorarium received from various discourses and Corporate management workshops by Swamiji goes in paying the for the charitable work. Like minded individuals, corporate citizens, local institutions also come forward to do their bit.


Poojya Sukhabodhananda

Poojya Sukhabodhananda (pronounced as Puj-ya Sukh-bodha-anand ) is an Indian monk who has been working relentlessly on sharing the wisdom of the ancient Vedas. He believes in spreading joy and moving people from darkness towards the light. Through his simple teachings and a problem solving approach, he has touched millions of lives across the globe.

His unique ability to deconstruct the most critical challenges facing us as individuals and corporates and to offer holistic solutions, makes him one of the most sought after “Corporate Gurus”. His talks are a careful blend of ancient wisdom and modern thoughts that provides us the tools for self-management and growth. His life’s goal is to help people realize the potential of their heart, mind and soul.

Advertisement is what fools us and tells us which luxuries we can’t do without. Love tells us the divine necessities we need to address at the time of difficulties. Prayer without service is not prayer and service without prayer is not service.

Poojya Sukhabodhananda

Our Founder

The Prasanna Trust has been since 1982 serving the marginalized and the poorest of the poor irrespective of class, creed, religion, colour or caste. The focussed area for our work are ..


The gift of Education



Food for the underprivileged



Full Scholarship Program


Disaster Relief

Emergency response


Prasanna Jyothi

Home for Homeless




Devki Jaipuria

Smt. Devki Jaipuria hails from a business family from Rajasthan and is herself an accomplished self-made entrepreneur. She is a dynamic businesswoman having specialized in textile designing and part of the Jaipuria business. She has been an ardent student of Poojya Sukhabodhananda and promoter of various philanthropic activities. As the Managing Trustee of Prasanna trust, she takes a keen interest in various spiritual programs of Swamiji and her sole aim in life is spiritual transformation and service. She is considered a sapient self in Prasanna trust and a mother like figure to all.


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Satyanarayana Murthy P

Satyanarayana Murthy P (PSN Murthy) is a Chartered Accountant and the Managing Partner of the firm Shriram Narayan Associates, Hyderabad. He has been associated with Prasanna Trust for nearly 2 decades, starting as a participant in all the workshops of Swamiji, heading the Hyderabad Centre of Prasanna Trust for over 12 years, became a trustee of Prasanna Trust in 2015 and handles all accounting and tax related matters. He along with his family is actively involved in the conduct of many activities of the Trust.


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Umesh Rao

Umesh Rao has been a student of Swamiji’s and associated with the Prasanna Trust for nearly 25 years now. A civil engineer by education is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs amongst us. A first generation businessman, he built one of the first organized turnkey solution companies in India – Vector Projects. Being featured in the Times of India Group’s “Global Indians” book was a recent honor accorded to him. Umesh is not just a successful professional but also a highly adored personality; a thorough family man, a stand-up friend and a devoted student. Umesh is a delight to know.


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Sriram Athri

Sriram Athri is a first-generation entrepreneur with a post-graduation in Public Administration. Sriram is a certified Rotary Leadership Institute faculty trainer and discussion Leader and a recipient of the IKC Knowledge Power Award from the International Knowledge Conclave. A lover of Sanskrit, a diploma holder in Sanskrit Parichay from Nagpur University and a recognized teacher of the yogic sciences, Sriram has during his 28-year association with Swamiji organized several transformative education programs with him.


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Ms. Shakila has 29 years of corporate experience in the telecom field, ranging from taking part in the pioneer developing and installing small to large electronic exchanges in Bangalore, India to Waterfall to Agile models’ system validations in Sunnyvale, San Jose, CA, USA. She has been a student of Swamiji for more than 23 years and has organized Swamiji’s workshop in the USA for 18 years. She left her lucrative job in the USA and has joined Swamiji full time since March 2018.


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Jitender Joshi

Jitender V. Joshi, a Management Graduate from Bangalore, has worked across companies like Larsen & Toubro, Hindustan Motors and LML Ltd. As a student of POOJYA SWAMI SUKHABODHANANDA for 35 years, Jitender has been assisting Him in various Transformative Educational Programs. He currently holds the post of DIRECTOR – PRASANNA WELLNESS ACADEMY – a Division of PRASANNA TRUST.


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